Our Mission

Rejoice & Do Good is dedicated to equipping believers with
teaching and tools to understand the bible, be fluent in
Truth, and stand firm in their faith.

Why We Started

We want to cultivate a community of Christians that stand firm on the truth (the word of God). "Put on the sword of truth" and prepare to fight this spiritual battle. It is evident that the bible is mocked and evil is praised in today's culture. People want to suit their own fleshly desires vs put their faith in God. Read 2nd Timothy 4:1-8
It is our job, as children of Christ to know the bible deeply so that we can correct, rebuke, and encourage others.

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"I know that there is nothing better for men than
to Rejoice & Do Good things while they live."


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Intentional With Your Faith

Lorina poured her heart in making these bible templates for you to have an easy tool to further your Christian education. We take so many notes for school and organize to do lists for work but it's rare we apply the same urgency to our faith. These templates are made to help you be intentional with your faith from tracking your prayers to organizing your studies.

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Christian Apparel to

Remind You of God's Word

All of our product designs revolved around scripture and act as a reminder of the bible. The intention is to wear these
clothes and remember something you studied or remind you of truth when you need to fight the flaming arrows.

In The Beginning Crew
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Day Embroidered Crew
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Rest Crew
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Night Embroidered Crew
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our product vision is to create

Subtle Christian Designs

Growing up in communism (Romania) I quickly learned that you get mocked and punished as a Christian so many would hide their faith in public. We see similar things happening in today's society and instead of avoiding inspiring clothes, we want to make them subtle enough that you can't tell at first glance that they're Christian. They serve as reminders to you about God's word and wearing them is almost like putting on a secret armor of God.

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