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How To Make Baby Formula From Scratch Using Mt.Capra Recipe Kit

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Lorina Nilsson
How To Make Baby Formula From Scratch Using Mt.Capra Recipe Kit

Being a first time mom, it was pretty shocking how difficult the breastfeeding journey was. We were sent home from the hospital with a formula that later we found had so many bad oils and preservatives and made our baby supper gassy and fussy. 

She was in pain for weeks as we tested different formulas until we finalllly found Mt.Capra's kit (use code "REFZY22ZDKDXX" for $10 off). 

I loved being able to change up and test ingredients to figure out what was upsetting her tummy and we finally got to a point where she's feeling good and her personality is SO much calmer and happier now. 

Here's more info on why you should make your own formula

When I first looked at this option it was incredibly daunting to figure out how to do it and I was scared to mess up. So I wanted to make this video to help you if you're in the same boat. I promise after 1-2 times you'll get the hang of it and it'll become second nature. 


 ** Unfortunately youtube removed the video so I have to refilm it. Stay tuned

I found many items that helped us along the way so I wanted to share those as well. These are affiliate links but honestly just trying to make a buck towards her formula and all these items are what I use.

Here they are in order how they show up in the video:

→ Mt. Capra Baby Formula Kit: (use code "REFZY22ZDKDXX" for $10 off).

→ Turbinado Sugar:

→ Scale:

→ Glass Spring Water:

→ Electric Kettle:

→ Bottle Sealing Disks:

→ Baby Bottles: (sometimes they have them at Marshalls/Home Goods/Ross for cheaper)

→ Baby Dish Soap:

→ Clear Containers for Formula: (just bought at walmart)

→ Large Container to Carry Bottles In:


Lastly, there's a Facebook group in which you can get support for any questions you might have for this mix. 

Best of luck mamas!


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