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For every collection, we are creating His & Hers matching crewnecks. For the R&DG Classic collection, we wanted to do something that focuses on marriage. On the chest, it says "Through the highs & lows" we'll be (and embroidered on the wrist is) "hand in hand." It's meant to be a reminder of what a blessing marriage is. In Ecclesiastes, we learn that nothing ‘under the sun’ can bring meaning. Not money, fame, pleasure, or even good things like pursuit of knowledge or careers. The only thing that brings true meaning is God. Our souls are built for a world beyond the temporary and material so no matter what we chase under the sun, it's all vanity. Our King of kings has ultimately won the spiritual war for us, leaving us with nothing left to do, but Rejoice & Do Good! Rejoicing can mean enjoying food, exploring creation, and embracing relationships. Those late nights around the bonfire or simply a moment when you overcame a struggle with your partner. Those special moments is what makes life truly enjoyable.
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