Bible Study Notion Template

Notion Template to help you study the whole bible, chapter by chapter. We love a digital bible study notebook so that we can continue to edit our notes for each chapter as we discover more info. You also have room to add videos, links to resources, images, notes from sermons and more. It's an ever growing way to study the bible. You can check off when you finished studying a book or chapter in the bible and use the process of elimination to study the whole bible.


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It's digital so you can continue to edit your notes as you discover something new in the bible. Organize everything by book and chapter in the bible so you can easily find it. No more stacks of notebooks in every part of your house. This digital study notebook grows with you and saves you time when you want to reference something.

Product Highlights:
Includes Every Book in The Bible
The template includes an area to take notes for every book in the bible and is divided by categories (like historical writings, wisdom & poetry, gospels, and more).

Includes Every Chapter in The Bible
Organize all your notes by chapters so you can easily go back and reference them or continue taking notes in a specific chapter. Each chapter has a section for 1-Sentence-Summary, Study Notes, References, & Questions.

Info About Every Book in the Bible
Each book in the bible comes with the #of chapters it has, who the author is known to be, approximate time written, and a one sentence summary overview.