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365 Days To Opening a Christian Coffee Shop

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Lorina Nilsson
365 Days To Opening a Christian Coffee Shop

We’re going to go for it! 🤭


We’re expanding our Rejoice & Do Good brand and opening a family friendly Christian coffee shop in Southern Idaho (somewhere in the Meridian area).

The main focus will be to cultivate community and a joyful atmosphere. We will have fun events (like outdoor movie nights, workshops, Bible study classes, kids arts & crafts, and more. The whole idea is to bring people together and have a space for them to make friends.

My husband also had the brilliant idea to have family style tables on Sundays and encourage no working but coming together for coffee, food, and conversations. We’ll move all the tables together to create one loooong table so everyone sits together. 

Besides our focus on community, the coffee shop will have your go to coffee options, seasonal menu with items from local farms, and a cute gift shop (with some fresh flowers too). 🥰☕️🌷


I grew up with my parents being entrepreneurs and working for themselves. They owned a pizza shop, knitting and a leather shop. It was so fun always being with them growing up and I always wanted that for my kids. 

But why coffee?

In my college years I have loved working out of coffee shops and meeting people. I lived in Costa Mesa CA where the coffee shop culture is booming with so many trendy coffee shops. My favorite ones were bright, airy, and had friendly employees who actually got to know you. I loved the community that I got to be a part of. 

So why Christian?

Well because we want our careers to align with our faith. Now this doesn’t mean you get a “holy” cup of coffee but instead it’s the environment we create. It’s super important to me that people feel joyful and loved in our space. We also want to expand our products and have them in a physical location along with other curated Christian goods. 

We’ll have fun Christian murals to take photos with, music, gifts, and some events. That said, anyone can come to the shop, it won’t be ✨ exclusively ✨ Christian. All are welcome!


I’ll be honest, I have no clue how to open a coffee shop. Especially while having a newborn and my husband working full time. We’ve dreamt of this idea ever since we got married but never knew where to start sooo I figured others might feel the same so I will document our journey to figuring it out.

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  • Deborah Nilsson Weihs -

    Such a marvelous blessed idea and an excellent blessing to your community. It’s so exciting please keep us updated.

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