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No.02: How to Create a Business Plan for Your Coffee Shop

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Lorina Nilsson
No.02: How to Create a Business Plan for Your Coffee Shop

How are we already on episode 2?!

I feel like it's already going so fast from the moment we announced we've had nothing but amazing support. Thank you SO much for cheering us on and sharing about our dream!

This week we found an amazing Christian realtor to work with and we got the majority of our business plan done. Yay!

Finding a Realtor

It seemed kind of early to search for a realtor but God put it on my heart to try. I went to our local entrepreneur facebook group and put an "ISO" message for a Christian realtor. It didn't take long to get spammed with salesy messages and it seemed discouraging until I got a message from Anabel.

Right away she encouraged me in this dream and said "I am so excited about your new project. I totally believe that when God puts a dream in your heart and mind, God already gave you the tools to accomplish that dream."

Now THAT'S the way to get my attention. Someone who believes in our dream and believes God is capable of big things is who I want to work with.

She also gave me a book recommendation called "Be A Circle Maker" which talks about how big dreams glorify God because people know it wasn't something we did on our own accord.

Highly recommend it! Anywho, it totally encouraged me and I can't wait to work with her. If you're local I highly recommend her.

Here's her info:

Phone: 208-204-3860

Business Plan

Writing a business plan is so daunting but once you finish it'll be so rewarding. I've learned to just take one section at a time so it's easier.

There are 3 main reasons you need a business plan:

1. To apply for grants & loans

2. To share with investors

3. So your team is all on the same page as you work together


Business plans have multiple sections to them and each business might need a different section. I found great resources online about writing a business plan. Here are some of my favorites:


I've made a one page summary for a Coffee Shop Business Plan that you can get here:

Here's the Canva template I used to start with and here's the one I modified.


We'll see you next week! Fingers crossed we get to start looking at some properties to learn about that process.

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  • Holly -

    We are JUST starting to open up our Coffee House too! I’d love to follow along on your journey!

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