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No.06: A Day in The Life & Finding Colors To Rebrand

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Lorina Nilsson
No.06: A Day in The Life & Finding Colors To Rebrand

This week's video is a little different. It's more of a "A Day in The Life..." style where I take you through my Saturday and show you how I process picking new colors for our rebrand. 

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The reason I wanted to rebrand is because I always felt our current style (while I love it) was too 'adventure' and earthy but that's not what I think of when I heard the word "rejoice." 


I feel like since we have such a happy name that we need to have brighter and happier colors. While this didn't matter as much in our current business, it'll make a HUGE difference when it comes to opening our coffee shop.


It will influencer how we design our space, what we put on our coffee cups, all our printed marketing materials and really a way to differentiate ourselves. 



While I'm still processing the final colors from this week, it was a very successful challenge and I feel we got so much closer to my vision.


If you watch this week's video, can you let me know what you thought about this video style? 

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