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No.7: Rebranding & Interviewing Other Coffee Shops

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Lorina Nilsson
No.7: Rebranding & Interviewing Other Coffee Shops

This week was fun in that I got to talk to a LOT of coffee shop owners and hear their stories and advice. It was incredibly helpful and it got us thinking more about the direction we want to take. A similar thing we've heard from everyone is that this industry is not all rosy but it's actually really hard to be profitable and to even take money home, especially with inflation.

That's something Zach and I had a long conversation about and we decided even so, we want to pursue this because we feel called to do it. Not for the financial success (cuz honestly I can open a marketing agency and get that) but for the mission to spread the Gospel and have a place to cultivate community.

We are very inspired by brands like PublicSq who fight back against "woke" ideology and we want to have a space for those who align with more traditional ways of life.

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