All Christian Notion Templates Bundle

The all-in-one Faith Notion Dashboard is the perfect way to be intentional about your Christianity and walk with God. It can be hard to prioritize the values taught in scripture with pursuing careers, education, etc. We want this template to be a way for you to start each day with your faith.


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This Notion template includes:

  • Space for daily inspiration verse
  • Bible Study Template (along with the emoji definitions) 
  • Sermon Notes - a place to take notes from sermons 
  • Topic Studies - a place to study specific topics deeper. We also give you tools that we recommend to start your studies with. 
  • Christian Books Library - a place to take notes for your Christian books
  • Prayer & Answer area - where you can track your prayer requests, mark them answered and be reminded that God is working
  • Pray for Others - a section to keep track of your friends, family and other people's prayers
  • Gratitude Journal - a daily journal to write what you're thankful for 
  • What does it mean to Rejoice? - A deep dive on what the bible says about rejoicing 
  • Donating - a link to donate to our #DoGoodNation where we take our collective donations and help someone in need (you can vote on who to help on our Instagram)
  • People in Need - A place to track your do good finances and who you want to help
  • Volunteer work - a place to track all the volunteer opportunities and info
  • Verses Library - The verses database is connected and filtered by category so you'll have "verses for strength" "favorite verses" "rejoice verses" etc. You can add your own and create more tabs
  • Playlist - We currently have our Unique Christian Music playlist that we update weekly in there but feel free to swap it with your own
  • Christian Podcast list