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No. 10: Designing & Getting Glass Bottles for the Cold Brew Coffee

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Lorina Nilsson
No. 10: Designing & Getting Glass Bottles for the Cold Brew Coffee

Hi guys!

So excited for this step of choosing bottles! It just makes it that much closer to opening a coffee shop. I'm glad we found a way to start small vs just talk about it for years. 

If you want to do the same, I recommend watching this video on how to bottle your own cold brew. It's one of the few resources I found on it but her whole channel is super helpful.


My Launch Plan

Surprisingly, I never even tried cold brew coffee before! I like my coffee super sweet so I always get lattes. I'm actually looking forward to trying all sorts of recipes this winter. My goal is to spend all winter researching, figuring out bottles and labels, figuring out permits, signing up for events, testing recipes, building out our event backdrop and cart and thennn only in Spring start selling. 

This will allow me to get it all right while it's cold and snowy so when the weather is nice again, I can do outdoor events. Plus all our drinks will be cold so I won't want to do it when the weather is bad.


The Bottles

I saved sooo many inspiration photos for the glass bottles but the one that I liked the most was this one:

Unfortunately, I haven't found any suppliers that sell this bottle in a glass version. I really want to do glass because it'll keep the drinks colder longer and I want people to keep the bottles. Plus plastic isn't very good for our health. 

I ordered these 4 options from a supplier from Alibaba and they came pretty fast. It was actually a good experience so I would recommend them. 

None are exactly what I'm looking for so I might try one more supplier to see if I can get a bottle closer to my inspo, otherwise I'm going with option 3.


The Design


What do you think?

I'm torn between two designs for the label on this one. The first option is the clear design and the second is an arched colored background. Do you have a favorite?

As far as the labels go, I still need to choose a supplier but I'm thinking of going with them for my tamper stickers and this company for the main label

I'll definitely share my final suppliers in my future videos but if you have any you recommend please share them in the comments in this post so others can see those as well. 


That's it for now! 

Super excited to get something tangible and start on this path. If you're looking to do the same let me know, I'd love to connect :) 

If you're a Christian Coffee Business Entrepreneur, let's jump on a podcast episode and talk details. 

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