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No. 09 This week I designed our Coffee Cart!

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Lorina Nilsson
No. 09 This week I designed our Coffee Cart!

This was such a fun week because I got to use my old Architecture skills to design a coffee cart in Sketchup

We could have bought a pre-made one from Simple Carts but I need to have a cooler built in since we're going to sell Cold Bottled Coffee. Simple Carts is a great option if you're making espresso in your cart because they also have a plumbing kit! 

I've been saving inspiration images on Pinterest but here are the ones I wanted to use in my design:

The cart itself is pretty simple to start with since it's just a rectangle but it gets a little more complicated in adding wheels, the coolers, and a storage system. It can be intimidating to start using Sketchup but once you get the hang of it you'll be unstoppable! 

There are so many tutorials on youtube for it but I walk you through how I did it from beginning to end.

Here's our end cart:

Designing it is the easy part for me but we shall see how I do on building it. Not guna lie, it's a little intimidating, especially attaching the wheels annnd finding a way to drain the water from the coolers.

Anywho, without further ado, here's the video for this week:


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