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Podcast: Coffee Talk With Legacy Farms Coffee

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Lorina Nilsson
Podcast: Coffee Talk With Legacy Farms Coffee


So excited to post the first episode of our new podcast, Coffee Talk with Rejoice & Do Good! This podcast will be casual "interviews" with other Christian Coffee Entrepreneurs, from brick & mortar shops, mobile units, roasters, and more! 

This first episode is with Ashley Williams from Legacy Farms Coffee who has the most amazing story of how God led him into the coffee industry. He volunteered a lot in Honduras and one day when he bought a property with the idea to build houses for the community there, he found that on the land there were coffee beans! 

After that he decided to learn to roast coffee, teach others in the area to do their own, and eventually bought a second property that was over 50 acres big and started their Coffee Farm. 

Ashley also met his wife in Honduras (listen to the podcast for that funny story) and they moved to Honduras for 4 years with their kids while establishing the farm. 

It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Ashley and hear his story and journey in Honduras. He even offered to host a group of us if we want to do a mission trip there! Email us ( if you'd be interested in going! It will probably be 2024 or 2025. 

Connect with them:

Website // Instagram // Facebook // YouTube // Non-Profit Site


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