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How to Pray for Your Future Husband - A Song by Melissa P.W.

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Lorina Nilsson
How to Pray for Your Future Husband - A Song by Melissa P.W.

Melissa P.W.

 Prayer Letters - a song to my future husband
"Born in Colombia, and raised in Japan, I fell in love with Jesus when I was 15 and since then He has been my number one. I now live in Minnesota with my husband and daughter, and loving life every day. 

My desires were always to get married and have a family but God made me wait 10 years until He answered my prayers; in the meantime, he put in my heart to pray and write a song to my now husband and that's how "Prayer Letters" were born."

Prayer Letters - A Song to My Future Husband

by Melissa P.W.

Today I get closer to the day I will meet you
and though I don't know you I pray for you everyday
That God gives you favor and wraps you in His Grace
For that day it's on the way

I sit here and write
Letters to you
Letter of love
Letters from everyday
That I wished you were here with me
Hoping that someday I'll read them all to you
And I'll keep writing for you
Until that day you're here with me

I pray that when you find me you can say
She is more precious than rubies
She brings me good
And never any harm
How can I deny
For the Lord has read my heart

I'm submitted to you
All the days of my life
Let me be your helper
Let me be your wife
These are my prayers
In love letters I write

I can't wait to read them the rest of our lives

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